Liquid Nitrogen BOC truck filling a dewar

BOC Graduate Engineering SchemeSo, what sort of business do you want to work for?

One that’s leading the way in carbon capture and other clean energy technologies? One that opened the UK’s first open-access hydrogen filling station? Or one that’s pioneering life-enhancing medical technologies?

Or perhaps you’d really like to work for an organisation that does all three – and more.

Think of a business that makes the nitrogen and carbon dioxide that puts the fizz in soft drinks. The helium that gives your party balloons a lift.

That makes acetylene to weld cars, wind turbines and ships, and pipes oxygen to steelworks to make the metals they are built from.

That supplies helium to cool magnets in MRI scanners, and rare gases used in chips for smart phones and in double glazing to keep homes insulated. And makes the gases that keep your car cool, shaving foam foamy and beers creamy.

Whose nitrogen keeps pizza fresh, quenches underground fires and helps the endangered honeybee fight back.

Whose hydrogen powers clean, quiet generators that don’t keep the neighbours awake at night and whose dry ice makes a nightclub a cool place to go.

And whose oxygen has supported climbers on Everest and even reassured those hoping to set up a business salmon fishing in the Yemen.

Exciting stuff? We think so. We’re BOC, part of the Linde Group, a world-leading industrial gases and engineering company with more than 51,000 employees working in around 70 countries worldwide. In the UK and Ireland, BOC employs around 3500 people, located across 120 sites throughout the country.

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