Carbon Dioxide MonitoringCarbon dioxide is toxic and its levels should therefore be monitored using specific CO2 monitors, not O2 monitors.

Carbon Dioxide Monitors help to ensure a working environment is safe.  If levels become dangerous, the monitors will alarm.

A repeater unit does not monitor the carbon dioxide levels, but mimics the alarm on the carbon dioxide monitor.  Install a repeater unit outside the room to warn against entry.

Depending on the size of the room and the amount and type of cryogenic liquid stored, BOC Cryospeed has a range of carbon dioxide monitors and repeaters to fit most requirements.

Wall Mounted Carbon Dioxide Monitors

Wall Mounted Carbon Dioxide Monitors
MonitorsFeaturesBenefitsApplicationsPart No.
One 2 One CO2Combined monitor + repeater package. LCD on repeater shows % CO2. 10m connecting cable.Alarms sound inside and outside the room. No need for any addition parts to set up system – complete package.Ideal for simple single room / single source monitoring. System cannot be extended19312987
Standard Carbon Dioxide MonitorSingle monitor unit with sensor and inbuilt alarm. Alarms when carbon dioxide levels are dangerously high.Builds a modular system. Can connect to up to four repeater units (repeater units connect in series). Can connect to repeater units that switch emergency devices.The carbon dioxide monitor to use in more complex systems..19307504

Optional Battery Backup for Standard CO2 Monitor

MonitorDescriptionPart No.
Battery Backup – Standard CO2 monitorGives approximately 4 days backup if power fails.19308797

Wall Mounted Carbon Dioxide Repeaters

BOC fixed co2 repeater
A. Reapeaters that attach to One CO2 Monitor, plus other repeaters
B. Reapeater that attaches up to 4 CO2 monitors and can switch devices

A. Repeater that:
CAN attach to one monitor and up to three other repeaters (daisy chain) giving 4 repeaters in total


MonitorsFeaturesBenefitsApplicationsPart No.
STANDARD CO2 REPEATERDiode and audible alarm, battery Powered, 10m cable included.Remote CO2 warning alarm, Up to 4 repeaters can connect in series (daisy chain)Ideal for rooms with multiple entry points.19308799

B. Repeater that:
Connects to up to 4 Standard CO2 deficiency monitors
CAN switch attached devices (e.g. fans / sirens) (need to buy switching box)

MonitorsFeaturesBenefitsApplicationsPart No.
MULTI-CO2 MONITOR SWITCHING REPEATERConnects up to four standard carbon dioxide monitors, mains powered, cable NOT includedA central repeater for multiple units, has the capacity to switch external devices (switching box sold separately)Use where more than one source of CO2 is present or where multiple locations are monitored, Ideal where additional emergency responses are required such as fans or sirens.19308800

Switching Box, Cable, Battery

Sensor BatteryDescriptionPart No.
REPLACEMENT BATTERY FOR STANDARD CO2 REPEATERSame part as for 02 repeater19310551
SWITCHING BOX FOR SWITCHING REPEATERConnects repeater to mains powered device19308796
10 m CABLE CO2Connects standard monitors to repeaters. Only the multi-monitor repeater comes w/out cables19308801

Siren and Beacon Alert

MonitorsFeaturesBenefitsApplicationsPart No.
SIREN BEACONLoud siren and beacon alarm. Can be used with all O2 or CO2 switching repeaters. Attaches to switching repeaters. 5m cable supplied.110 dB siren cuts through background noiseUse in noisy situations19308798

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