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As the largest supplier of bulk gases in the UK and Ireland, BOC keeps thousands of public and private sector organisations supplied with industrial and specialist gases, helping them to reduce operating costs, cut environmental emissions, enhance safety levels and improve product quality.

For customers with high volume requirements of argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen, a suitable bulk cryogenic storage vessel can be installed on site. All our gases conform to BOC quality specifications.

BOC Trifecta

Designed for customers who have high-volume and high-pressure requirements, BOC Trifecta is a self-contained, modular system which is easy to install and maintain. 

BOC Trifecta provides minimum product waste with a continuous gas supply and no time delay, minimising the chances of a pressure build-up.

BOC Tel Tank

The BOC Tel Tank monitoring system constantly gauges the volume in your storage vessel.

BOC will automatically deliver gas as required.

The Tel Tank system can also provide you with information to help improve your efficiency.

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