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BOC Cylinder bench clamp
- Designed to hold gas cylinders of all sizes, the BOC safety gas cylinder support may be mounted either on a bench or against a wall. A heavy duty canvas strap features an easy to use buckle which ensures the cylinder is held firmly in place against the internal radius of the clamp body. 

  • Cylinder bench clamp and strap: BOC part no. 844183
  • Spare strap: BOC part no. 844182 

Cylinder racks

BOC Cylinder racks

Suitable for use in conjunction with manifolds.

  • Single cylinder rack: BOC part no. 871001
  • Two cylinder rack: BOC part no. 871002 
  • Three cylinder rack: BOC part no. 871003
  • Four cylinder rack: BOC part no. 871004
  • Floor mount legs for cylinder racks: BOC part no. 871026 

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