ONSTREAM Maintenance Services & Legal Compliance

At BOC we recognise that overseeing a safe, reliable and efficient operation is essential for any successful business

Onsite storage tanks

Safely maintaining your pressure systems and complying with safety legislation like Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) can be time consuming and complicated requiring a detailed understanding of engineering, gases and the regulations.

We understand exactly what is required to comply to legislation. The ONSTREAM service has been developed to help you achieve both compliance and safe, reliable operation to avoid costly downtime and potential breaches of legislation.

Legal Compliance

Any owner or user of a pressurised gas system has legal responsibilities under health and safety legislation. For example, under PSSR, any system that is pressurised above 0.5 bar (g) must be able to demonstrate the following: 

  • the system is working within safe operating limits
  • a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) is in place 
  • the system is regularly maintained and inspected by a competent body 

As with all applicable health and safety legislation, it is a legal requirement to fully comply with PSSR. Failure to do so means your system, that maybe critical to your business, is at risk of being shut down until compliance has been achieved.


Our ONSTREAM service assists customers who own pressure systems that include gas storage, control and distribution systems, with their ongoing management of and compliance with legislative requirements.

This is achieved through an initial pressure system inspection, correcting any identified problems, and providing ongoing regular maintenance to a plan tailored specifically to your systems.

Doing the right inspection and maintenance at the right time can help to: 

  • Avoid serious harm to people and the environment 
  • Ensure legal compliance, thereby avoiding prosecution, including fines and imprisonment 
  • Prevent equipment malfunction and failure 
  • Optimise and identify inefficient operation
  • Prevent financial loss 
  • Prevent loss of production and loss of reputation

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BOC would also be happy to provide a design and installation service for any modifications or additions you may need to make to your gas systems as you evolve and grow your business. 

Ask BOC today about using our ONSTREAM service to help keep your business running optimally.

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