Welding Management - AVANTO

A pioneering service to manage your welding processes with ease and transparency

AVANTO is parted of the Connected Welding portfolio and campaign. This image of several weldered and their wedling information going to the cloud is used as part of the AVANTO PSO brochure.

AVANTO™ is an advanced cloud-based software solution that enables you to easily manage your entire welding process by providing transparency, traceability and expert knowledge, allowing you to meet industry standards whilst removing cost and complexity from your business. 

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At its core, AVANTO builds on a central repository of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS). It helps you digitalise your existing WPS, which you can then access or dynamically update at any time. This repository dramatically speeds up the process of creating a new job as many of the data fields are automatically completed when you select a particular WPS. In addition, it manages welders’ qualifications to ensure that only suitably trained operators can be assigned to a job.


AVANTO allows you to:

  • Create a digital WPS repository and manage updates to it
  • Define and manage project and job workflows – from creation to delivery to your customer
  • Manage your welders’ qualifications
  • Maintain an accurate log of your welding machine maintenance schedule
  • Assign project and job resources such as people, materials and equipment
  • Access job queues and status updates via the AVANTO mobile app
  • Store weld test results
  • Generate work packages for customers
  • Run reports and view KPIs via a dashboard

All of this connected functionality means that you, as a fabricator, can look forward to the following benefits – regardless of your size and budget:

  • Enhanced standards* compliance and traceability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Improved quality
  • Full audit trail

    *Currently supporting EN1090 – other standards to follow.

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