1. Can I repeat an existing order?

You can repeat an existing order by locating the order from the Orders & Deliveries section in My Account and then selecting the repeat order button.

2. Why can't I place any orders?

You may not be able to place orders for several reasons:

You may not have the access rights to place orders online.
If you have exceeded your credit limit.
If during checkout your order takes you over your credit limit the order will be put on hold and you will be notified on the acknowledgement page and you will be contacted by customer services.
Please call the customer service team on 0800 111 333 who will be happy to help.

3. How do I change or cancel an order?

Contact our customer service team by Live Chat or call 0800 111 333 to change or amend your order. If orders are for next day delivery you should contact us by 5pm. Please have your order reference number to hand when making any enquiries.

4. Can I buy in-store?

Not all our products are available to buy in store. You can find your nearest outlets using Store Finder. You will then need to contact the store direct to check availability.

5. Can I order over the phone?

To place an order over the phone, for industrial gases, medical gases, dry ice, balloon gas contact our customer services team on 0800 111 333, for special gases contact us on 0800 02 0800 and for hospitality gases contact us on 08457 302302.

6. Can I view orders and deliveries for orders placed over the phone or in-store?

Yes, your entire order and delivery history is available online regardless of how you placed the order. Also any repeat orders, where you have previously placed them over the phone can now be made easily online using the repeat order feature that enables you to add line items to your shopping cart from an existing order.

To view your order history select My Account, then Orders & Deliveries where you can search through your historical records using either your BOC order reference number, delivery note reference or your PO or reference number.

Questions About Ordering Gas & Cylinders

1. Why is there a restriction placed on some gas products and how can they be removed?

Some gas products are subject to restrictions due to potentially hazardous properties and require your delivery address to have appropriate verification checks. Once these have been conducted your delivery address will be released to accept these products. Products subject to restrictions will be highlighted in the catalogue and during checkout your delivery address will be validated and you will be informed of any restrictions that may apply. To discuss these restrictions, contact customer services on 0800 111 333 who will be happy to help.

2. How do I order a special gas mixture online?

You can't order bespoke special gas mixtures online, for all queries relating to special gas mixtures contact our speciality gases team on 0800 02 0800, or use our enquiry form to send us your requirements.

3. Can I buy a cylinder from BOC?

BOC only supply our cylinders on a rental basis, enabling us to maintain cylinders with regular testing and ensure they are safe and fit for use. Additionally, to maintain high standards, we will not exchange a BOC cylinder unless it has been issued through an authorised BOC outlet. Any cylinder which does not meet our safety standards will be removed from circulation and safely disposed of.

4. Will BOC fill my cylinder?

As BOC does not have a historical record of your cylinder contents, testing or age, we will not fill non-BOC gas cylinders.

5. My cylinder holdings are wrong, what do I need to do to correct them?

BOC's minimum cylinder rental period is one month. This means part month rentals will be charged as a full month. For example, a gas cylinder returned during May will be subject to a rental charge for the full month of May.

If you have returned cylinders but are being charged for them beyond the month of return, you should contact our customer service team on 0800 111 333 who will be happy to help.

We will need to confirm that the cylinders were returned to the same location and on the same account number to which they were supplied.

If this is not the case, we will need to amend our records. Please have your returns note number ready when you call our customer service centre to amend your records or email us using our enquiry form.

6. How do I get a copy certificate for an order I've placed?

Certificates of analysis are provided attached to individual cylinders when they are delivered. They are not available prior to delivery. If a certificate is lost, it may be possible to provide a duplicate however there will be an associated cost.

For industrial gases it is not part of our standard product offer to supply certificates of analysis. If you require a certificate, there are two options:
a) An equivalent gas can be supplied by special products complete with an individual and formal certificate of analysis as a standard product offering. b) An annual certificate of conformity can be provided free of charge.

For special gas certificates of analysis can be arranged via customer services by calling 0800 02 0800.

7. How do I place an order for collection-only for my empty cylinders online?

To request a collection of empty cylinders please contact us on 0800 111 333.

8. How can I view the serial numbers of the cylinders I have on site?

Click on My Account, then click on Cylinder Holdings . Click on the barcode icon to view a pop up showing the serial numbers of the cylinders you hold. In addition, you can download your cylinder holdings report by selecting the export format, this will show you the serial numbers for all cylinders on site. For additional accounts, use the drop down box to select the correct address and select the export format.

9. How do I report lost or stolen cylinders?

Please contact our customer service team on the free phone number 0800 111 333, via Live Chat or email us using our enquiry form.