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BOC Compressed Air

- Odourless, colourless and non-toxic.

- Does not burn but supports combustion.

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  • When it is combined with a fuel gas, produces a flame with a lower temperature than an oxy-fuel flame.
  • The air-fuel flame is suitable for brazing and soldering applications with lower-temperature alloys.
  • Used in preference to oxygen because it gives a greater level of adjustment, allowing the thickness of the carbon coat to be varied.

Applications and uses

  • Brazing and hard soldering
  • Can be used in alternative applications such as plasma-cutting
  • Used in metallurgical processes such as die-casting and blast furnaces
  • Compressed air cylinders are an alternative to a compressor
  • Used to drive pneumatic drills
  • Can be used in the carbon-coating processes. An air-acetylene flame is used to produce carbon which can be deposited onto the surface of a component to act as a release agent. Carbon-coating is used for aluminium extrusion and glass manufacture as a mould-release agent.

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Please note:
Industrial air must never be used for medical purposes

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