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We've got some great offers on gas equipment - save over 35% on Metabo, and 50% on Teepol leak detector and BOC flashback arrestors. Plus, check out our clearance deals - save on Lincoln and Zeroflame while stocks last! Only available until 30 September!


Shop our great deals on flame retardant overalls and head gear, plus find out more about our new auto-welding helmet with side windows.

Leak Detector

Teepol Leak Detector is recommended for use on all industrial gas installations. Environmentally friendly, contains no ammonia or chlorides. Buy now!

Powertools and Bit Sets

BOC supplies a range of Metabo Power Tools and drill / screwdriver Bit Sets to suit your needs, all at great prices.

Flashback Arrestors

The BOC resettable flashback arrestor features a pressure-sensitive cut-off device and a highly visible indicator lever. Buy Now!

Welding Machines

BOC supply a range of welding machines to suit your needs. Shop our range now!

Balloon Occasions

Inflate up to 50 x 9” balloons with our disposable cylinder range perfect for parties, just inflate your balloons and dispose of the cylinder. Option to purchase a package which includes latex balloons is available.


Shop our clearance range now and save money whilst stocks last!

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