Gas by Use

BOC supplies industrial gases for a vast range of industries and processes, including the healthcare, welding, and automotive sectors. Offering a wide choice of cylinders, we have the right product for your needs.

Fuel Gas

We stock a vast range of fuel gases and cylinders. Explore our portfolio of dissolved acetylene, propane, propylene and hydrogen for applications as diverse as cutting, welding, brazing, shrink wrapping and cooking.

Welding Gas

Explore our range of welding and shielding gases. We offer oxygen, argon, dissolved acetylene, carbon dioxide and Argoshield gases in various cylinder sizes and types to ensure you achieve outstanding welding results every time.

Purging Gas

We stock a wide range of purging gas in various capacities and pressures. From individual cylinders through manifold cylinder pallets to lightweight cylinder solutions, we’re sure to have the supply option you need.

Refrigerant Gas

Our range of refrigerant gases can be used for transport, refrigeration and air conditioning applications. With zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), our gases meet the world’s toughest environmental standards.

Beer Gas & Drinks Dispense Gas

Whatever your volume and venue requirements, we have the cylinder for you. Designed for the catering, entertainment and hospitality sectors, our solutions are ideal for dispensing carbonated drinks.

Speciality Gas

We offer speciality gases in a variety of purities and cylinder sizes, delivering the perfect product to customers across a broad range of industries. Contact us if you can't find what you’re looking for.

Food Preservation Gas

Explore our portfolio of food preservation and modified atmosphere gases. You’re sure to find the solution you need from our wide offering of Food Fresh nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen mixtures in different cylinder sizes.

Packaged Chemicals

We are the leading provider of gaseous process chemicals in the UK. Explore our wide range of cylinders, packages, products and services to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Healthcare Gas

We offer a wide range of medical gases in different cylinder sizes and manifold cylinder pallets to ensure security of supply for medical applications ranging from anaesthesia and intensive care to obstetrics and pulmonology.

Helium & Balloon Gas

Our range of helium and balloon gas is available as rental cylinders in a variety of cylinder sizes.

Balloon Gas & Equipment

You can rely on us for balloon gas cylinders and equipment to suit every occasion – including portable, rental and disposable cylinders in multiple sizes, attachable wheels and handles for cylinders plus various balloon filling kits and gauges.