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Cryobank Secure Biological Sample Storage Facility

Cryopreservation (storage at very low temperatures) is the most effective way of preserving biological materials. BOC offers a wide range of products and services to the cryopreservation market.

Cryopreservation Storage Units - Drystore

DryStore refrigerators offer exceptional sample security and operator safety as the storage area is completely free of liquid nitrogen

Cryogenic Gas Monitors and Repeaters

BOC offers detailed information on the risks and recommended precautions of oxygen depletion and enrichment. Where there is the potential for Carbon Dioxide levels to be above the agreed exposure limits, protection should be provided against sudden or gradual toxicity.

Cryogenic Vessels for Liquid Delivery and Storage

BOC offers a wide range of storage vessels for rent or sale. These vessels come in a range of sizes, pressures and flow rates to meet customers' varying requirements.

Cryogenic Hoses

Cryogenic hoses are used mainly in the decanting or transfer of liquid nitrogen from one storage container to another. Phase separators are used to reduce splashing during decanting.

Dewars and Accessories for Handling Liquid Nitrogen

Only custom-made cryogenic equipment should ever be used to handle cryogenic products. BOC has selected a range that performs to extremely high standards of both quality and safety.

Cryogenic Safety Products

BOC Cryospeed supplies a range of personal protective equipment to the highest European safety standards.