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At BOC we continue to invest in meeting the needs of all industrial gas users, whether you are a professional tradesman or the operator of a large industrial manufacturing and processing plant. 

Our commitment is reflected in our wide range of industrial gas products, cylinder options and solutions.

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Inert Gases

Inert gases include carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen-free nitrogen (N2), Pureshield Argon (Ar).

Fuel Gases

Fuel gases include dissolved acetylene (C2H2), hydrogen (H2), propane (C3H8), Powerjet propylene(C3H6).

Oxidant Gases

Oxidant gases include compressed air and oxygen (O2).

Shielding Gases

Shielding gases include Alushield, Argoshield and Stainshield.

Laser and Assist Gases

Lasers provide an intense energy source which is ideally suited to a wide range of fabrication processes such as cutting, welding, drilling and marking metal and other materials. Laser gases play a fundamental role in the operation of a laser.

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