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The BOC Hymera DC is a new hydrogen-powered fuel cell generator for applications requiring up to 150W of electrical power.  It is ideally suited for portable power applications and those which need to operate continuously for long periods of time.

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BOC Hymera DC hydrogen fuel cell generator
The Hymera DC is designed to operate as a standalone unit or in combination with a battery which it monitors and automatically recharges when required. Applications include, amongst others: security cameras; environmental monitoring and control systems; area lighting; electric fences; welfare cabins; wireless communication systems; and backup power for IT and communications systems.

BOC Hymera DC hydrogen fuel cell generator
The Hymera generator runs on hydrogen and is supported by the new lightweight 54-ZH hydrogen cylinder. This package has an integrated regulator, making it simple and easy to use. When full, the cylinder package weighs approximately 10kg. A single 54-ZH cylinder contains enough hydrogen to generate 2-3kWh of electricity. When used with a battery, it can support a 3W monitoring and alarm system running continuously for nearly a month or a 20W security camera system for more than 100 hours. Cylinders can be manifolded together for much longer run-times.

The combination of the Hymera and new lightweight cylinder is particularly suited to today’s high-efficiency electrical loads such as LED lighting and computing. For these types of application, operating costs are competitive with diesel or petrol generators.
Hymera is the UK’s first commercially-viable, low-carbon alternative to small petrol/diesel generators, providing up to 200 Watts of peak power whenever and wherever you need it.

BOC hymera
Hymera is also available in 230V and 110V AC variants. This makes the Hymera generator extremely versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications including: temporary lighting; traffic management systems; power-tool charging; instrumentation; illuminated signage; and environmental monitoring, to name but a few. Among the market segments using Hymera for their off-grid portable power requirements are: the military; emergency services; rail repair; construction; security & surveillance; marine and local authorities.

With water vapour being the only by-product and with its near-silent operation, Hymera is ideally suited for applications where the emissions from diesel or petrol generators could become a problem, or where noise is an issue.

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Latest News about the Hymera hydrogen fuel cell generator

Hymera hydrogen fuel cell powered lighting package

BOC Hymera hydrogen fuel cell lighting package
BOC has launched a hydrogen fuel cell powered lighting package, based around the BOC Hymera, which offers clean silent operation, high light output and long run times between refuelling. It is ideal for maintenance and repair operations as well as for event lighting and emergency response.

Find out more about the Hymera fuel-cell lighting package

World's first hydrogen fuel cell lighting tower powered by BOC Hymera

The Youngman /TCP Ecolite Partnership has developed the world’s first low energy, LED hydrogen fuel cell powered lighting tower. Ecolite-H2 is powered by BOC’s Hymera fuel cell and operates as a battery hybrid. It has a fully autonomous run time of between 50 and 900 hours depending on fuel cylinder configuration; dusk to dawn auto switching is included as standard. Integrated GPS and telemetry track location and run times and issue refuelling alerts by SMS or email when it’s time to switch hydrogen cylinders or order more from your supplier.

Read more about Hymera and Ecolite-H2 in International Rental News

Hydrogen Powered CCTV System Success in Site Thefts

A remote South Wales construction site is the grateful recipient of a hydrogen powered CCTV system which detected and prevented two attempted thefts in the first two weeks of installation. This innovative project involved South Wales installation company SECUREIT, Oprema Distribution and BOC. The BOC Hymera hydrogen generator was chosen to supply power because of its convenience, ease of use and environmentally friendly technology.

Read more about Hymera's use on the remote SECUREIT site

What is a hydrogen fuel cell?

A hydrogen fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines oxygen from the air with hydrogen to produce electricity. It is almost silent, highly efficient and highly scaleable. The only emission is water and no CO2.  The small-scale units have only a few moving parts so there is minimal service requirement.

As a fuel, hydrogen has a great deal to offer. It can be produced from truly renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. It is very light and, should any escape, rapidly dissipates upwards, so there are no risks of damaging environmental leaks. It has been used in industrial processes for more than 100 years and when used correctly has an excellent safety record.

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