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BOC HYMERA II hydrogen fuel cell generator
The HYMERA™ II is BOC’s second generation portable H2 fuel cell generator for clean and quiet off-grid power.

The new HYMERA™ II has been designed for today’s high efficiency, lower power electrical loads, and can offer cost savings of up to 75% for loads up to 150 Watts.

It is a flexible and effective alternative solution to traditional diesel or petrol generators and will make many new applications possible where previously there was no commercially viable power solution.

HYMERA™ II, supplied with readily available compressed hydrogen from BOC, can support a wide range of commercial and industrial off-grid applications such as task lighting (for railway and tunnel maintenance work, for example), security cameras, environmental monitoring and process control systems.

Incorporating ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell technology that produces electricity from the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen from the air, the HYMERA™ II is environmentally-friendly – producing water as the only by-product – and is extremely quiet, typically less than 45 decibels at 5 metres.

GENIE® hydrogen cylinder

Red GENIE cylinder denoting that it contains hydrogen gas
The HYMERA™ generator runs on hydrogen and is supported by the new lightweight 54-G20, GENIE® hydrogen cylinder.

This package can be used with a hand tight fitting regulator, making it simple and easy to use. When full, the 54-G20 cylinder package weighs approximately 22kg and a single cylinder contains enough hydrogen to generate 6-7kWh of electricity. When used with a battery, it can support a 3W monitoring and alarm system running continuously for nearly 3 months or a 20W security camera system for more than 300 hours. Cylinders can be manifolded together for much longer run-times.

The combination of the HYMERA™ and the new GENIE® cylinder is particularly suited to today’s new low-power electrical devices such as LED lighting and security cameras. For these types of application, operating costs are highly competitive with diesel or petrol generators and can be used in parallel with solar power to greatly extend run-times and minimise footprint.

The BOC HYMERA™ is the world’s first commercially-viable, low-carbon alternative to small petrol/diesel generators, providing up to 200 Watts of peak power whenever and wherever you need it.

Advantages of using the HYMERA™ fuel cell generator

  • Clean, silent and portable
  • Works with H2 GENIE cylinder and can deliver battery-like performance but at 10 times energy density of lead-acid battery
  • Minimal annual service requirement
  • Suited to today’s high efficiency electrical applications such as LED lights and high efficiency displays
  • Zero emissions (eg CO2, CO, NOx) at point of use
  • Ultra low carbon foot print
  • Substantially lower total cost of operation than petrol or diesel generators, particularly at lower loads (<100W)
  • Ideally suited to continuous long-run applications.

To find out how the HYMERA™ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator can work for your business, call Mark Griffin on 07585 966921 or email:

Call Mark Griffin on 07585 966921 or email

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