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BOC offers an unrivalled supply of high purity gases, gas mixtures and speciality gas equipment to suit a wide range of applications and market sectors including research, analysis, calibration, process control and manufacturing. Our speciality gases can be customised to match your individual requirements.

We hold a wide variety of common gas mixtures and high purity gases in stock around the UK, with 135 cylinder vehicles and 72 retail outlets, which means that BOC can offer unrivalled national coverage.

BOC Speciality Gases can offer you:

  • An extensive range of speciality gas mixtures and cylinder options.

  • Certified and traceable gas mixtures.

  • Expert technical advice on BOC's range of speciality gases.

  • Cylinders and equipment delivered to anywhere in the UK: wherever you are, we can supply.

  • Worldwide shipping arrangements: export speciality gases around the world and let BOC take the strain - we can deliver to your nominated location in the UK or arrange shipping worldwide.

  • A wide range of gas control equipment - the range is designed to enable gas purity and mixture accuracy to be maintained and includes cylinder-mounted regulators, purge systems and changeover manifolds, assembled and tested in the UK.

  • Free phone UK call centres.

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Pure Gases

High purity gases including Argon, Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen, ranging from zero grade to N6.0 purity designed to support your quality critical applications.

Gas Mixtures

BOC Speciality Gases offers an extensive range of high purity gas mixtures and complex hydrocarbon mixtures to suit your application or process.

Diving Gas

Diving Grade Oxygen and Helium cylinders stocked throughout the UK.

SPECTRA Products

Signature products in the SPECTRA range include gas mixtures to support high precision laser applications for eye surgery and semiconductor manufacturing.

Equipment for Speciality Gas

Including regulators, valves, purges and panels, changeover systems, fittings & connectors, hoses & pigtails, filters and cylinder accessories.

Technical Information

Technical advice on material compatibility, certification and traceability, physical properties, stability and SPECTRA-SEAL, accuracy and tolerances, purity and grades.


Search for BOC speciality gas products and services relevant to your industry sector.

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A precision gas requires a precision regulator

25% discount* off list price with code BOCSPL5. Call 0800 02 0800 or email us to find out more.
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HP1700 special gases regulator

Diving Gas and more

Get diving grade oxygen and helium from BOC.
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Important Notification

Flammable Gas Classification Changes under ISO 10156: 2010.
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HiQ website

Visit the HiQ international Speciality Gases & Equipment website.
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