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BOC Industrial Gas Cylinders

Size ReferenceEFVXSTYKN
Dimensions (cm)50x1586x1494x1494x1487x2093x2093x20146x23146x23
Gr. Weight (kg)71819193434407582

BOC Industrial Gas Cylinders WLZ

Size ReferenceWLZ
Dimensions (cm)146x23164x23164x23
Gr. Weight (kg)858777

Carbon Dioxide

BOC Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Weights and Size

Size ReferenceVB/LBLR/VRVK/LK
Dimensions (cm)50x1487x20150x23
Gr. Weight (kg)224499

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Acetylene cylinder weights & sizes

Size ReferenceKMJ*J**AHL
Dimensions (cm)37x1855x1871x2085x2090x20116x29170x23
Gr. Weight (kg)9152833388886

* Pre-2012 cylinder  ** Post-2012 cylinder

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BOC Hydrogen Industrial Gas Cylinders

Size ReferenceBK
Dimensions (cm)85x14146x23
Gr. Weight (kg)1665

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BOC Propane Industrial Gas Cylinders

Size ReferenceABDEF*
Dimensions (cm)39x2754x3291x32125x3871x32
Gr. Weight (kg)16325710846
Cylinder Contents (kg)4.711.023.046.515

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BOC Propylene Industrial Gas Cylinders

Size ReferenceLE**DRUM
Dimensions (cm)125x38210x95
Gr. Weight (kg)112720

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Refrigerant cylinders

BOC Refrigerant Industrial Gas cylinders

Height (m)External
Diameter (m)
Weight (kg)
Water Capacity
BA / RA / DA0.430.27911.3
BAX / RAX / DAX0.480.227.611.34
BAZ / RAZ / DAZ0.480.227.611.34
BK / RK / DK1.290.283361
BKX / RKX / DKX1.290.283261
BKZ / RKZ / DKZ1.290.283261

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Please note:
  • *Liquid withdrawal
  • **Liquid and Vapour withdrawal
  • + Aluminium Cylinders
  • Cylinder dimensions and weights are approximate measures
  • Litres may vary slightly

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