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Cylinder shoulder - European standard colour coding

The colour applied to the shoulder, or curved part at the top of the cylinder, signifies the European standard colour coding. 

The aim of the new standard (EN 1089-3), which has replaced the old cylinder colour scheme (BS349), is to help improve safety standards within the gases industry.

A number of gases have been assigned a specific colour and some of these are shown below:

BOC Industrial Gas Cylinder shoulder Colours

Cylinder body - BOC colour coding

The colour of the body of the cylinder may differ for the same gas among different gas companies. The BOC cylinder body colours are displayed below:

Cylinder body BOC colour coding

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Please note:
  • variation in monitor colour settings may impact colours displayed
  • cylinder colours are a guide only.  Labels should be used as the primary means of cylinder content identification
  • for more detail on cylinder identification, colour coding and labelling standards under the new European cylinder colour coding system, visit the British Compressed Gases Association website
  • BOC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

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