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Register your Nectar card with BOC
Sign up to collect Nectar points with BOC and eligible customers can start to earn 2 points per £1 spent on BOC purchases (* terms apply). Plus, you'll regularly receive bonus offers to help boost your points balance throughout the year. It's easy to get started – just complete the form below to connect your Nectar card to your account.

Simply enter your details below and make sure you have registered your card on the Nectar website (you won't be able to spend your Nectar points if you don't!).

Not got a Nectar card yet? Need to register your card with Nectar? Then click here to visit the Nectar website. Once you've got your Nectar account number and have registered your card, come back and submit the form below to connect your card to your BOC account.

It's easy to spend your Nectar points
Collect points from BOC, and from lots of other partners such as BP, DHL and Sainsbury's, and you can choose to spend them on a fantastic range of rewards.

So whether it's on a holiday, meal out, trip to the cinema or even on the latest gadgets, you can choose to spend your points on your business or yourself.
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Don't forget to register your card with Nectar, so you can spend your points, at

Download the Nectar app to receive all of your tailored offers on the go!

Terms & eligibility criteria

* Terms & eligibility criteria apply. Please note, certain customers and products are excluded from the Nectar programme, namely Major (defined as key and account managed), Sureserve and Healthcare accounts. If you fall into any of these categories, unfortunately you cannot collect Nectar points at BOC. View our terms & conditions here.