Vivantos Gas Cylinders

Ready to use VIVANTOS cylinders
For ease of handling and greater safety, the innovative 300 bar VIVANTOS cylinder range comes complete with an integrated valve, guard and high pressure regulator.

An innovative 300 bar package combining a cylinder with a valve, guard and precision pressure regulator to ensure gas flow stability and consistency

Equipped with an innovative, protective guard to ensure that delicate gauges and couplings are shielded against impact from objects or falling cylinders

Quick fit connector for enhanced portability and convenience of use and ease of access to the ports and controls so cylinders can be churned easily and safely

VIVANTOS gas cylinders are available for use with Oxygen, Acetylene, Argoshield Universal & Light, Pureshield Argon and Specshield 20% gases

Vivantos Cylinder Guide
Vivantos Cylinder Guide

Key Features

• Complete with an integrated regulator and a residual pressure valve

• The Cylinder can be moved easily by use of the Churning Handle

• The Guard has been fully tested in accordance with EN ISO962 and has been designed to completely protect the Integrated Valve

• Easy access to hand-wheels

• Safety Relief Valve Protection

• Compliance to EN849, ISO2503, CGA V-1 & E-4, DIS22435, ISO10297

• BAM third party certification and Pi-marking

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