Decarbonising the Steel Sector: The Pathway to Hydrogen

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In this BOC webinar, originally recorded for the Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit in September 2022, BOC’s Sales Manager for Hydrogen and Decarbonisation Applications, Wayne Bridger, gives an overview of the challenges faced by the steel sector to meet net zero targets and discusses the range of decarbonisation solutions available.

These solutions include looking to the future of sustainable hydrogen steelmaking, but also sharing real world examples of existing Linde and BOC technologies available today - such as fuel switching, process optimisation and the important role oxygen has to play.

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02:48 The Steel Decarbonisation Challenge
08:57 Decarbonisation of Industrial Heating Options
09:37 A Sustainable Steel Pathway
14:12 Linde’s Hot Oxygen Technology
15:41 COJET® Coherent Jet Technology
16:39 REBOX® HLL
17:49 OXYGON® Flameless Oxyfuel Ladle Preheating

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