Medical Device & Equipment Manufacturing

Partnering & supplying manufacturers within the medical sector with the development of new technologies

An artifical hip joint

BOC has partnered and supplied manufacturers within the medical sector for over 40 years. We understand the challenges faced in the development of manufacturing processes to accommodate the industry’s unique needs in:

  • Improving bio-compatibility
  • Embracing miniaturisation
  • Improving the wear resistance and fatigue life of implants
  • Developing the manufacturing processes of novel alloys such as titanium
  • Improving the productivity and efficiency of established manufacturing processes. 

With the demands on healthcare increasing, the medical devices and equipment sector is experiencing significant growth in the UK and Ireland that brings with it a fast paced evolution to existing manufacturing processes.

These rapid and innovative changes such as the shift towards the use of powders in additive manufacturing, the requirements surrounding bio-compatibility and fatigue life and the focus on ensuring effective sterilisation, place different demands on manufacturers that BOC can help you to meet.

Industrial and specialist gases are used for a wide range of different processes that address these requirements.