Cylinder gas charges

We explain why BOC add charges for cylinder gases, provide a breakdown of all surcharges and detail additional account-based charges

There are four elements associated with gas purchases from BOC:

  1. Gas price
  2. Environment and energy surcharge
  3. Fixed charge
  4. Cylinder rental

The different price elements cover the different costs associated with supplying cylinder gases.

Why four different price elements?

Each of our customers is unique and wishes to trade with us differently.

Customers may use the same amount of gas each year but some will want to hold higher cylinder stocks than others, some may want to order more frequently than others and some may want their orders delivered while others will prefer to collect.

We believe that charging for each element independently is fair to each customer with only those services used being paid for.

1. Gas price

This is the price for the actual quantity of gas in the cylinder and is based on how much it costs us to produce.

Gases such as acetylene and argon are more expensive to produce than a gas like oxygen and this is reflected in the price.

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2. Environment and energy surcharge

The manufacture of industrial gases is highly energy-intensive.

Very large quantities of electricity are required to run air separation plants to produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

Carbon dioxide and hydrogen are both produced from natural gas whereas propane is produced by refining crude oil.

The Environment and Energy Surcharge is applied to recover exceptional movements in energy costs. It is increased or decreased in-line with current costs. 

For propane and refrigerants, the surcharge is applied per kilogram of product supplied, for other cylinder gases it is charged per cylinder of gas supplied.

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3. Fixed charge

This charge is made for each transaction and covers the costs associated with maintaining our sales outlets and processing your transactions when you do business with us. These costs vary depending on whether you require delivery or if you prefer to collect.

In the case of delivery, the charge includes an element to cover delivery costs.

For collections, the charge includes an element to cover the costs of maintaining our extensive network of BOC trade outlets and Partners. 

Some costs are the same for all transactions as these cover the processing of the order and invoice.

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4. Cylinder rental

BOC has a rental charge for all cylinders.

We ensure the quality and safety of our cylinders by performing regular tests, making repairs and replacing cylinders as necessary.

Cylinders and valves are regularly upgraded in line with new technology.

Cylinder rental also gives you the flexibility to swap empty cylinders for full cylinders at any of our locations, take more cylinders as and when you need them and return them when you don't.

BOC has developed options to suit a range of customer requirements and offers monthly, annual, 3-yearly and 5-yearly rentals.

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Account-based charges

Our standard conditions of sale include payment by direct debit, email invoicing and payment by set due dates. 

Other charges may apply if a customer wishes to trade with BOC outside of our standard conditions of sale.

Possible charges are:

Non-Direct Debit Fee - £3.00 per invoice

Paper Invoice Fee - £3.95 per invoice

Late Payment Fee - £25.00 per incident

Debt Collection Agency Fee - £15.00 per incident

Replacement charges also apply for any BOC cylinders lost by customers.

Failed Delivery Charge

BOC is committed to providing the highest levels of service to our customers. However, every week we are unable to deliver around 300 orders that customers have placed with us. This is because the customer either declines to accept the delivery when we arrive at their site or is not present to receive it. When this happens, we can’t collect empty cylinders either.

Not only do these failed deliveries bring unnecessary cost to our business, they can also cause delays for other customers and may lead to product shortages.

Accordingly, with effect from 1st January 2017, BOC reserves the right to levy a failed delivery charge equivalent to our standard delivery fixed charge.

Please be assured that we will continue to make every effort to complete deliveries as per the customer order and our service teams will always seek to contact the customer to make the delivery possible. The failed delivery charge will only be raised when through act or omission of the customer, the order is not able to be fulfilled.

Full details about the failed delivery charge

Propane 2020 Monthly Surcharges

Month Per tonne A
Jun £103.50 £0.49 £1.14 £2.40 £4.81 £1.58 £1.68
May £103.00 £0.48 £1.13 £2.39 £4.79 £1.58     £1.67
Apr £103.00 £0.48 £1.13 £2.39 £4.79 £1.58     £1.67
Mar £104.00 £0.49 £1.14 £2.41 £4.84 £1.59 £1.68
Feb £119.00 £0.56 £1.31 £2.76 £5.53 £1.82 £1.93
Jan £200.00 £0.94 £2.20 £4.64 £9.30 £3.06 £3.06

Propylene 2020 Monthly Surcharges

Month Per tonne LE (47.2kg) 
Drum (420kg) 
Jul £685.49 £30.98 £287.91
Jun £674.45 £30.48 £283.27
May £624.41 £28.22 £262.25
Apr £322.37 £14.57 £135.40
Mar £285.02 £12.88 £119.71
Feb £275.60 £12.46 £115.75
Jan £283.39 £12.81 £119.03

Environment and Energy Surcharge for industrial cylinder gases

  Argon and Argon Mixtures All other gases except propane
Standard cylinders £1.82 per cylinder
and pro rata for packs
£0.96 per cylinder
and pro rata for manifolded packs
Small cylinders £1.09 per cylinder £0.79 per cylinder

Refrigerants Cylinder Surcharges July 2020

Product Surcharge per KG
R134a £8.00
R404A £0.00
R407C £0.00
R410A £0.00
R1234yf £0.00
R1234ze £0.00
R23 £196.40
R245fa £0.00
R32 £2.00
R407A £15.00
R407F £15.00
R507A £49.70
R508B £185.50
R426A £8.24
R424A £5.71
R434A £6.03
R442A £21.98
R428A £4.24
R513A £6.60
R449A £8.92
R452A £19.43