Technical Support

BOC has a network of highly trained local Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) available to advise you on using of BOC’s products efficiently and safely

A welder wearing safety equipment demonstrating welding

Day to day support is provided by our network of highly trained TSEs. They work with you to advise on using BOC’s products efficiently and safely; helping customers to save money, improve operating efficiency and produce quality products.

TSEs are skilled in all the main welding processes and can demonstrate high-quality results when welding aluminium, stainless and carbon steels. They have undertaken trials to demonstrate differences between standard and premium mixtures in each of these welding processes, some of which have been adopted by automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers. 

Our application experts can support you in several ways including a comprehensive range of safety training courses via open workshops held at your site. This may cover a range of topics from welder training and certification for aluminium, stainless and carbon steel, to safe use and handling of industrial gases.

Where appropriate, customers might visit our Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Wolverhampton, where BOC’s expert team can carry out demonstrations and independent trials as well as metallurgical and imaging analysis within our in-house lab.

TIG welding being demonstrated to several observers
TSEs can demonstrate high quality results when welding aluminium, stainless and carbon steels
An engineer wearing an orange high viz jacket inspecting an industrial gas cylinder
TSEs can train you on the safe use and handling of industrial gases

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CP7 & CP47 gas equipment safety inspections