Packaged Chemicals

BOC is the leading provider of gaseous process chemicals. We have the largest range of packages, products and services in the UK and Ireland

BOC supplies a wide range of packaged chemicals. Many of which are available to buy online. If you require a product not currently online, please contact us to order. Chemicals supplied in wide range of locally filled and stocked bulk, drums and cylinder packages at our Immingham UK site. BOC is the principle distributor, managing the supply chain, for many hazardous chemicals. Full product stewardship services available: technical advice, emergency response and handling training.

BOC has an industry-leading portfolio of products and services. We supply gaseous chemicals to customers operating in the public and private sectors, including water treatment, chemical manufacture, materials science and pharmaceuticals.

Our established network of suppliers and distribution centres allows us to source and supply precisely the chemicals you need when you need them.

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Our unique customer offer

We offer premium quality products in a range of purities and have the added ability to blend products to meet your individual needs.

A selection of our products can be seen in the table below. As a member of Linde we have access to many global chemical suppliers.  If the product you require is not listed here, please let us know and we will endeavour to source it for you.

Product Purity Cylinders Drums Trailers
1,3 butadiene 99.5%  
Aerosol propellants 95%
Ammonia 99.98%  
Carbon Monoxide 99.9% and 99.97%
Chlorine 99.50%  
Dimethylether 99.90%
HFC 152a 99.9%  
Ethane 99%  
Ethyl Chloride 99%  
Ethylene 99.92%
Ethylene Oxide 99.90%  
Ethylene Oxide mixtures 99.9%  
High purity hydrocarbons up to 99.9995%  
Hydrocarbon pures and mixtures 99.9995%
Hydrogen Bromide 99.9995%  
Hydrogen Chloride 99.90%  
Hydrogen Fluoride 99.9%    
Isobutane 99%
Methyl chloride 99.90%  
Monomethylamine 99.50%  
Dimethylamine 99%  
Trimethylamine 98%  
Nitric Oxide 99.50%    
Nitrogen Dioxide 98.30%  
Propylene 90%, 99%, 99.5%
Propylene Oxide 99.9%  
Sulphur Dioxide 99.90%  
Sulphur Hexafluoride 99.90%  
Tungsten Hexafluoride 99.5%    


Our extensive UK and Ireland distribution network provide flexibility and reliability. This network includes a dedicated vehicle fleet with highly trained delivery staff.

Cylinder delivery

  • Next-day delivery of cylinders from one of our 20 UK and Ireland distribution centres
  • Combined delivery of chemical and industrial gases from a single supplier, providing a hassle-free service
  • 24/7 emergency deliveries.
Bulk and drum delivery
  • Drums delivered within 3 days to central UK locations, and 5 days in the rest of the UK and Ireland
  • Tanker deliveries arranged across the UK for a range of bulk gases
  • 24/7 emergency deliveries.

BOC supplies a wide range of anhydrous ammonia packages from small cylinders for micrographic use through to drums for more industrial applications. 

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From 1kg to 530kg, BOC can supply a cylinder suitable for your needs. With our comprehensive UK distribution network BOC can usually deliver ammonia to your site within 1-2 days of ordering for large cylinders and within 5 days for drum packages.

Our ammonia cylinder and drum packages are equipped with easy to use valves that can be opened and closed by hand. Our ammonia valves are BS10, which is the British Standard for ammonia.

Ammonia from BOC is 99.98% pure with minimal levels of moisture (<200 ppm) and other impurities (<5ppm oil).

For an anhydrous ammonia price please contact our sales team on 0800 02 0800.

Ammonia Training from BOC

BOC offers a half-day ammonia training course covering the safe handling, storage, and use of ammonia focusing on safe working practices. Ammonia training can be tailored to specific applications depending on customer requirements. The course is held at customer sites for between 2 and 10 delegates and is designed for managers, supervisors, workshop personnel and engineers who either use or supervise personnel working with ammonia. View our ammonia course outline. 

The ammonia training course is run as part of our wider product stewardship programme. The product stewardship programme aims to go beyond legislative obligations and minimise product risk by applying a “responsible care” approach to our products throughout their life cycle. BOC is a member of the Responsible Care Programme which is the chemical industry’s global commitment to continuous improvement in health, safety, and environmental performance.

Emergency response

BOC has a dedicated emergency response team equipped to deal with hazardous products, including ammonia, in emergency situations. In an emergency please call 0800 02 0800.

BOC has a proven international track record in providing an extensive range of foam blowing solutions to customers for a wide range of applications.

Whether your foam application is for construction, automotive, white goods OEM, food packaging, HVAC or leisure equipment, BOC has the ideal solution for you.

Because we are an active supporter of the foam blowing industry we are well-placed to advise you on the latest market and product developments.

Product range

BOC's unique blending capability enables you to customise your product blend to meet the application requirements.  We are able to blend any of our foam-blowing products in any proportion requested.


These proven blowing agents are available from BOC in four package sizes:

  • bulk
  • 1000 litre drums
  • 210 litre 'oil drums'
  • cylinders.

Natural foam blowing products (oxygen-free nitrogen and CO2)

BOC has been supplying compressed gas to a wide range of industries for many years.

Oxygen-free nitrogen (OFN) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are products that have applications in the foam-blowing industry, mainly in the production of flexible foam.

OFN is also used to 'inert' enclosed spaces and to provide a protective blanket over flammable liquids.

CO2 can be used as a powerful fire extinguisher in unmanned, enclosed spaces (compactors).

BOC can offer a wide range of solutions.

Hydrocarbons Natural foam-blowing agents HFCs
Cyclopentane Carbon Dioxide HFC 152a
Isopentane Oxygen-free nitrogen HFC365/227
N Pentane   HFC245


We can offer a wide choice of package sizes from small sample cylinders, to 1000l drums and bulk deliveries. This allows us to support customers through from the trial stage to full production.

Security of supply

At BOC we work with a number of the world's most recognisable chemical producers to offer the full range of foam-blowing products.

BOC has a storage facility for pentanes located at Immingham Docks, providing an additional layer of supply security for our customers.

Our storage facilities, stock availability, and flexible transport options ensure the reliability of our product supply is second-to-none and our unique position enables you to have confidence in our ability to offer secure and reliable supplies.

Technical and engineering expertise

We help our customers from the outset, providing you with advice on the initial selection of foam-blowing agents through to assisting with the design and installation of storage tanks, project management, risk assessment and engineering expertise.

We will be onsite at the first offload, we will train your staff to ensure they are familiar and confident with the correct handling procedures.

BOC is committed to continuous innovation and advancement of the foam-blowing industry:

Our foam-blowing experts are members of key trade organisations including the British Rigid Urethanes Foam Manufacturers Associations (BRUFMA) and we support the activities of the Rubber and Plastics Research Association (RAPRA) and PU Europe (Federation of the European Rigid Polyurethane Foam Associations).

Handling products with care – product stewardship

BOC operates strict policies regarding product stewardship and the responsible and ethical management of health, safety, and environmental aspects of products.

We implement these policies by:

  • systematically identifying the product risks along the entire supply chain
  • identifying and prioritising potential hazards and dealing with them appropriately
  • tracking and managing emergency regulations
  • assisting your company to meet its responsibilities in a cost-effective way, without compromising operations
  • providing tailored training packages to help your teams manage foam-blowing products as safely and effectively as possible
  • offering a range of hardware including gas detectors and personal protective equipment, suitable for the safe handling of all our foam-blowing products

Product quality and environmental considerations

Our Immingham filling and blending facility has both ISO9002 and ISO14001 environmental management certifications.

Blowing agent environmental properties

GWP Very low
Kyoto Compliant Yes
Montreal Complaint Yes

BOC offers a full range of propellants to meet our customers' current and future requirements.

Our products are sourced from a range of suppliers, allowing us to ensure stock availability. By managing our own local storage facility and delivery infrastructure, we make sure that we deliver on time, every time.

We understand that product quality is essential. Regular analysis of product odour, pressure, and purity guarantees the quality of our supply, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We have a dedicated team of technicians and engineers available to assist in the design, installation, and risk assessment of your system, as well as offering ongoing training and support.

Product Range

Hydrocarbon blends – Propel

This proven propellant range from BOC is available in 5 standard grades as detailed below:

Typical composition

Grade Propane
Vapour pressure
@ 70ºF
Propel 30 11 29 60 28 - 32
Propel 40 22 24 54 38 - 42
Propel 48 31 23 46 46 - 50
Propel 70 55 15 30 66 - 74
Propel 110 97 2 1 105 – 115

In addition to this product range, BOC have blending facilities on our site in the UK which allows us to  offer bespoke blended products with a vapour pressure of anywhere between 30 and 110 psig at 21ºC (70ºF) to suit individual customer requirements.


BOC offers the full range of fluorocarbons including:

  • HFC134a
  • HFC152
  • HFC152a
  • HFC227ea.

These products offer the advantages of:

  • low flammability
  • ease of handling
  • zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP)
  • low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) potential.

Dimethyl ether (DME)

DME has many attractive properties for use in a wide range of applications:

  • thermal, chemical, and hydrolytic stability
  • an excellent solvent
  • miscible with water and alcohols
  • popular with formulators due to its zero ODP
  • potential to lower the VOC content of the aerosol
  • excellent solvent for resins, thus popular in products such as hairsprays and paints
  • superior expansion from liquid into vapour state makes it popular for deodorants, perfumes, and air fresheners.

Atmospheric compressed gases

For over a century BOC has been one of the world's leading suppliers of atmospheric gas products.

We recognise that with changes in aerosol regulations, developments in technology, and an increase in concern for the environment, compressed atmospheric gases may become more relevant as propellants.

BOC has a superb infrastructure for the supply of these gases, coupled with a first-rate understanding of the aerosol industry. With our knowledge and capabilities, we are confident we can support industry needs for these non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-VOC gases.

Bespoke blends

BOC has the capability to blend any number of individual raw materials to your exact mixture specification and pressure. We have worked with many aerosol producers to develop innovative formulations, including blends for post-foaming aerosols.

All of the available propellant components including butane, isobutene, propane, pentanes for solvent characteristics, DME, and fluorocarbons are stocked and readily available for blending.

Whether you require a new sample or a multi-component bulk blend, BOC can supply the mixtures to your exact specification.

Package range

Whether your requirements are for research and development work, short filling runs, or large-scale continuous production, BOC offers the full range of propellants and propellant blends in all package sizes - from sample cylinders to 1000-litre drums and bulk supply.

Our aim is to optimise your inventory holding and handling requirements while minimising change-over downtime, costs and safety risks.

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