Manufacturing Technology Centre

BOC’s world class Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) at Wolverhampton is a powerhouse of expertise and innovation in gases and engineering applications

Purpose built to bring together BOC’s long history of expertise in gas and engineering with The Linde Group’s knowledge and experience in research and development; the Manufacturing Technology Centre draws on a global team of 900 engineering application experts with extensive knowledge in disciplines ranging from mechanical and chemical engineering to metallurgy and material science.

This collective pool of expertise ensures the MTC is an important resource for international sharing and exchanging of experiences in the use of industrial gases and gas mixtures; the information and results gathered are then used to support the manufacturing sector in the UK.

Investment and innovation

Driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, BOC’s investment in the MTC facility ensures that the centre remains at the cutting edge of welding and metal fabrication techniques in addition to manufacturing applications. Our technical experts are focused on developing new technologies and innovative processes to satisfy the demands of the marketplace.

Supporting BOC customers

Experienced and highly skilled technical support engineers support customers in a wide variety of issues. They aid in the implementation of new application technology to improve production efficiencies, alongside the evaluation and resolution issues within current manufacturing and gas consuming processes.

Bespoke solutions are trialled at the MTC, at a customer’s site under working conditions and then fully implemented.

BOC technical support engineers then work with the customer to obtain the optimum results from the implemented BOC solution.  Ongoing customer support and training is then provided by the engineers, ensuring the customer is satisfied with BOC’s solution.

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