Customer Engineering Services

On-site maintenance and installation services

Industrial gas supply schemes can take many forms to suit a wide range of customers needs, and BOC’s extensive and experienced engineering capability encompasses the design, installation and maintenance of the gas supply system, distribution pipe work and gas control equipment. 

Maintenance of industrial gas supply schemes on customer sites is carried out by BOC’s experienced network of Customer Engineering Services (CES) technicians who provide national coverage and ensure that all appropriate safety regulations are strictly adhered to.

If you own your cryogenic vessel you must ensure that Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 are complied with and that the vessel is managed by a competent person. You can do it yourself ... or BOC can do it for you with one of two maintenance packages.

If you rent a pressurised cryogenic vessel from BOC, all required maintenance is included in the rental agreement, at no additional cost. We ensure the vessel is always in a safe, working condition. BOC will carry out the required Planned Preventative Maintenance inspections in accordance with the Written Scheme of Examination for that particular vessel, including the fitting of any replacement parts.