Food Technology Centre

Find the optimum freezing process for your product with a trial at BOC’s purpose-built food laboratory

BOC is the only cryogenic gas company to operate a testing centre in the UK. You can trial your products to find their optimum freezing process at our state-of-the-art facility, which has been operating in Thame, Oxfordshire for 15 years.

Cryogenic Freezing and Chilling

The centre is equipped with our CRYOLINE® range of cryogenic freezers and an on-site kitchen to accurately reproduce both production and consumer conditions.

We offer trials in:

  • Individual Quick Freezing (IQF)
  • In-line tunnel freezing
  • Spiral Freezing
  • Batch freezing
  • Freezing delicate/hard to handle products

The facility's on-site kitchen is available to process food samples - boiling, frying, baking, microwave etc, to reproduce production and consumer conditions. In this way full product life, from ingredients to the consumer plate can be simulated. This allows a more accurate evaluation of the equipment and processes for a specific product.

A selection of CRYOLINE cryogenic freezers inside BOC's Food Technology Centre
CRYOLINE cryogenic food freezers in the food laboratory

During trials, our team of technical experts monitor your food samples in real-time using the latest data logging equipment. They provide insight into optimal cooling times and maximum efficiencies for the production specification required.

After freezing, the product is also weighed, tested for moisture loss, thermal effects and transitional energy values. This allows us to establish the optimum efficiency and maximum production capabilities for each individual product, through each application.

The trial processes allow BOC to help customers make a fully informed choice when evaluating which freezing technology is most appropriate for their product and processing requirement. We will produce a detailed analysis for you to inform your future freezing strategy.

The CRYOLINE® range is extensive and our numerous trial facilities across Europe offer wider opportunities to test products on the full range of Cryoline equipment.

Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP)

At the Food Technology Centre, BOC also offers advice, testing and trials on Modified Atmosphere Packaged products.

Working with a wide variety of food products including protein, dairy and bakery, BOC can trial different gas mixtures and carry out headspace analysis to confirm the gas mixture composition.  This also allows processors to carry out shelf-life tests to establish which gas mixture is the optimum choice to preserve product quality and deliver the desired shelf life.

Alternatively, if a customer wishes to investigate their current packaging suitability, appropriate gas mixtures, and gas mixing equipment performance, BOC’s MAP experts can provide the advice and support needed.

Fresh vegetables packaged using modified atmosphere packaging to extend shelf-life
Vegetables packaged using MAPAX gas mixtures to extend shelf-life

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