Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Helping to improve quality of life by enabling innovative therapies and medicines

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is dedicated to improving quality of life by developing innovative therapies and medicines that promise longer, healthier and more active lives.

In the interests of patient safety, this industry is heavily regulated. Compliance, validated quality assurance and traceability are therefore key mandates.

This sector also faces rising environmental pressures. In addition, a competitive advantage often hinges on speed, which means that pharmaceutical companies are under pressure to bring their innovations to market as quickly as possible.

In general, however, price pressures are squeezing the number of new pharmaceutical products that are being brought to market. This is exasperated by the cost strain that generic drugs are exerting on many firms as brand-name drug patents expire.

Long-standing pharmaceutical expertise

As a supplier of pharmaceutical-grade gases, we have an in-depth understanding of the pressures facing pharmaceutical and biotech companies in such a strict regulatory environment. We have also developed numerous gas innovations that help meet increasingly stringent environmental legislation and accelerate time to market.

Our industrial and specialty gases are available in cylinder or bulk form. You may also have the option of pipeline delivery or on-site production for larger volumes.

For your peace of mind, our trained experts can also manage your gas installation. Our expertise will bring you quality and environmental benefits in the following areas in particular:

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