Why Should I Upgrade to an Advanced Gas Cylinder?

Posted by BOC

Why should I upgrade to an advanced gas cylinder

If you’re a welding business looking to save on costs and remain competitive, your gas cylinders could be an overlooked opportunity. Switching to a more advanced cylinder can make a significant difference to your efficiency.

At BOC we’re constantly looking at ways to help our customers to save time and money – and when it comes to cylinders, that means providing more gas in a smaller footprint, as well as easier handling and set up.

Here’s a round-up of our advanced cylinder packages.

EVOS™ – packing in more gas for longer welds

EVOS cylinders have been designed to offer a substantial increase in gas capacity compared with standard cylinders.

Available in 33L or 50L options, EVOS packs in up to 30% more gas at 300 bar pressure, meaning fewer changeovers and longer weld times.

Instead of a hand wheel, or a requirement for hand tools to open the cylinder, there’s a simple lever and a contents gauge to see at-a-glance how much gas remains.

Because EVOS offers a larger amount of gas in a similar footprint to standard cylinders it’s easier to handle and maintain, and can require fewer deliveries.


EVOS™ ViPR – rapid operation to maximise productivity

EVOS ViPR offers all of the gas capacity benefits of EVOS cylinders, with the added benefit of a built-in, two-stage regulator and a quick-connect hose coupling outlet.

A simple, pressure adjusting knob allows gas pressure to be changed and set without the need for additional fittings. Once set, it provides a stable gas flow at the precise setting for your welding job.

To use the cylinder, you simply connect the hose, lift the lever and set the flow rate. It’s easy to see if the valve is opened or closed, and because the regulator is built in, there’s no need for an annual gas equipment check – BOC maintains and inspects the cylinder when it’s returned.

ViPR is available at a 33L capacity option, and like EVOS, because it offers 300 bar capacity, it provides more gas than a standard equivalent 33L cylinder, providing longer life and making it easy to transport and store.

GENIE® – the portable, lightweight, intelligent cylinder

GENIE has been developed specifically for jobs where mobility is important – on-location tasks where you need to take shielding gas with you and move around site easily.

Made of a composite material and featuring easy grip handles with attachable wheels, it’s one of the lightest-weight cylinders on the market.

Again, providing 300 bar pressure, GENIE contains more gas than an equivalent steel cylinder, providing longer weld time and requiring fewer changeovers.

With a digital display and low content alarm, it’s also easy to monitor flow rate and see how much gas remains.


Online gas safety e-learning

Whichever cylinder you’re using, it’s vitally important to know how to transport, store, and handle it safely.

BOC’s online e-learning course on compressed gas safety takes you through the journey a gas cylinder takes from arriving at your premises to being returned, including everything you need to know to work safely and comply with legislation.

Could your business benefit from advanced cylinder efficiency?

Check out EVOS and ViPR cylinders and GENIE on our online store.