Student days

Get hands on…

Entering the BOC world while still at university.

University Students

Being a student is about absorbing all the knowledge you can in order to best prepare yourself for your career ahead. So if you’re interested in making the most of your time at university by supplementing your learning with practical experience, here are your options.

Student Internships

We open our doors to anyone studying a subject that requires an internship as part of their course or as a pre-requisite. If you just want to gain insight into the workings of a global company by doing a voluntary internship – then that is possible too.

At BOC we believe in our interns and it won’t be long before you are entrusted with responsibility on real projects. In doing so you will gain an overview of our day-to-day business: an opportunity for you to learn about us and for us to learn about you!

What we offer

If an internship appeals to you, then register your interest via the link below and we will contact you when our recruitment window opens.