Our home oxygen service provides the very best oxygen therapy products and support at home and whilst out and about for children of all ages with a wide variety of breathing conditions.


Babies under 2 years

BOC Healthcare has developed a policy dedicated to supporting neonates and babies under 2 years old using oxygen therapy at home.

All changes in flow MUST be reported to our Patient Service Centre on 0800 136 603 unless you are weaning your baby off oxygen and have been prescribed a flow range by your clinician.

Your Children’s Community Nurse (CCN) or Consultant will decide which is the best equipment needed for your child's needs and send BOC the relevant information.

Cylinders on their own or with low flow or microflow meters are recommended for under 2 years due to the purity of oxygen.

Children up to 12 years old

We can install an additional oxygen supply at nurseries, schools or care environments.

To install a secondary supply of oxygen we would require an additional prescription from your child’s clinician for this installation, please contact your clinician for the prescription.

If nurseries, schools or care environments require further information prior to the installation of a secondary supply, we have a dedicated Respiratory Advisor who would be happy to arrange training or the supply of further information.

Adolescents up to 17 years old

BOC Healthcare wants to enable you to lead as normal a life as possible whilst using oxygen therapy.

We recommend that you discuss with your clinician how many hours you will spend out and about so you will be prescribed an adequate supply of oxygen.

BOC will supply what your clinician has recommended following a thorough assessment.


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Can I put the portable cylinder on the pram or wheelchair?
If you are using an oxygen cylinder with a buggy it may change its centre of gravity. consider this to avoid the buggy from toppling over.
Some Primary Care Trusts have trays for carrying oxygen cylinders to prevent the buggy from toppling over. We recommend that you contact your clinician for more information.
If your child uses an electric mobility chair, remember to remove any oxygen cylinders when not in use.

Can I have a supply of oxygen at the nursery/school?
Yes you can have a secondary supply at school, work or wherever it is required. A separate Home Oxygen Order Form (HOOF) will be required with the address for delivery on and this comes from your clinician.

My child’s cannula is blocked how do I get new ones?
If you contact the patient service centre 0800 136 603 they can arrange for new cannulas. Your homecare technician can also supply them when visiting.

When shall I order the replenishment of Oxygen Cylinders?
We suggest you order when you start using your last cylinder. Remember to order supplies for the weekend before 4pm on Thursday.

When shall I order the replenishment of Liquid Oxygen?
We suggest you order your Liquid Oxygen Unit:

  • If your unit has an electronic gauge: Order when your mother unit is showing 2 bars.
  • If your unit has a manual gauge: Order when the gauge is quarter full.
  • Please note: Liquid Oxygen is not used for neonates and babies under 1. We recommend cylinders due to the purity.

Can I use bubble bath or cream?
There is no reason why either bubble bath or bath creams cannot be used as long as they do not get on the cylinder or flask. Hands should be clean and dry when operating the cylinder/flask. However we do not advise using emollients.

Can I wear makeup?
Yes you can wear make up but we do advise to use water-based products, not emollients. It is important that when you operate the oxygen cylinder or flask that your hands are clean and free from oils and greases (this includes oil based lip moisturisers). You can use alcohol gels to clean your hands but if you do, make sure that the alcohol gel is massaged in well particularly in between the fingers. Allow plenty of time for the alcohol gel to fully evaporate before handling the equipment.

Can I go swimming?
It may be possible. If you only require oxygen when you get short of breath then the cylinder can be left in an area away from the water and operated by an adult/carer when required. If needed whilst swimming, then the length of oxygen tubing will need to be extended (speak to your homecare technician) and the cylinder or flask will need to be in a carry case and carried by the parent/carer. The cylinder or flask must not come into contact with chlorinated water. Hands should be clean and dry when operating the cylinder/flask.

Can I have lit candles in my room?
Naked flames (including candles) do not mix with oxygen so should not be used near oxygen at all. This includes birthday candles.

Who can I contact for more information?
If you have any further questions please call our Patient Service Centre on 0800 136 603.