BOC Home Oxygen Service

Our Home Oxygen Service provides the very best oxygen therapy products and full support at home and whilst out and about for people of all ages with a wide variety of breathing conditions.

BOC Healthcare is a member of The Linde Group; a leading supplier of medical gases globally and in the UK.
We hope that you find it reassuring to have our equipment in your home. BOC has been supplying oxygen for many years to people of all age groups and has built a great deal of expertise in the area of Home Oxygen Therapy.

Our Home Oxygen Service

What am I responsible for?

In order to work in partnership and involve you in the supply of your Home Oxygen Service, we ask that you subscribe to the following points:

  • If you have been provided with a backup cylinder, please do not use it for any other reason than in the case of machine failure or due to a power cut
  • Please adhere to your prescription as instructed by your doctor, clinician or respiratory nurse. If your prescription changes, please make sure to ask the prescribing clinician to update us so we can make any necessary changes to your equipment
  • Please follow all safety recommendations regarding your oxygen installation, particularly in relation to smoking
  • Please discuss with us yours or your carers availability before arranging a visit. If you have to cancel or reschedule a visit, please let us know as soon as possible
  • Please ensure you order replacement cylinders with enough time to ensure you do not run out. A good guideline is to ring when three quarters of your cylinders are empty, bearing in mind we deliver next working day

  • If you are a Concentrator user, please make sure to clean the filter weekly, or to hoover the machine’s intake grille weekly if you have a filter less machine
  • Changing address or going on holiday? Please let us know at least three working days before you go, preferably sooner if you can, so we can ensure oxygen is supplied on time to your destination
  • Please do not alter or tamper with your oxygen installation, for example the tubing or any flow settings, unless instructed by BOC or your clinician
  • Please never remove Firebreaks, these are there to prevent the spread of fire should it occur
  • Please ensure all oxygen equipment is returned when it is no longer needed as it is the property of BOC
  • Patients are responsible for arranging their own oxygen supply if they travel abroad as this is not funded by the NHS.
If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the Patient Service Centre on 0800 136 603.

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