In-Transit Refrigeration

The latest technological innovation in refrigerated transport, safely harnessing the natural cooling power of liquid nitrogen.

FROSTCRUISE® is an efficient, economical, cryogenic replacement for mechanical, diesel-powered refrigeration units.

Not only do mechanical units have a high carbon footprint due to diesel consumption, they are also relatively noisy, expensive to maintain and reliant on potentially harmful refrigerants.

FROSTCRUISE® In-Transit Refrigeration can:

  • Reduce your operating carbon footprint to zero
  • Lower your global warming potential to zero
  • Run your vehicle for 12 years rather than 7
  • Maximise your up-time and minimise your costs with minimal maintenance
  • Provide low-noise design for easy deliveries at night-time or to residential areas.

FROSTCRUISE In-Transit Refrigeration

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