Whole Body Mobile Cryotherapy

Available anywhere in the UK as BOC leads the way with its mobile cryotherapy chambers

BOC's mobile cryotherapy treatment chamber

The cryotherapy chamber provides a treatment whereby users enter an extremely cold environment for a short period of time in order to trigger physiological reflexes and defence reactions in the body that, when associated with sport and fitness, help to improve training and injury recovery times.

BOC’s cryotherapy chambers are the only fully mobile whole-body cryotherapy chambers of their kind in the UK, bringing this recovery tool direct to your door.

No need to go overseas, no need to put your team on a coach. We’ll come to you and bring not only the latest in mobile sports therapy but also the peace of mind that you get from working with the UK’s number one expert in handling cryogenic gases.

Leading Design Features

  • -60ºC ‘pre-chamber’, in which users spend one minute before entering the main -135ºC chamber for two minutes 
  • 2-person chamber, large enough to allow users to walk around during the treatment
  • Specially designed Cryotherapy trailer to allow the chamber to be taken anywhere in the country
  • Robust air monitoring kit and a BOC onsite expert operator, fully trained in cryogenic gas handling who ensures user safety at all times
  • The chamber has been assessed by BOC’s world-renowned experts to ensure it meets official UK Health and Safety Executive standards
  • The mobile cryo-chamber allows individual and whole squad treatments to be undertaken at training grounds, sports centres, stadiums or any other suitable location throughout the UK.

Who is using the Mobile Cryotherapy Chamber?

Strength and conditioning coaches from top-flight Rugby Football League, Rugby Union and Premiership football teams are already booking the chamber for post-match recovery sessions and building it into their training regimes. 

“Cryotherapy has increased our recovery rate which in turn has allowed us to return to training earlier. At this elite sport level, the extra training at higher intensity can make a significant difference to performance and we are looking forward to building it into our training routines for the rest of the season.” Chris Baron, Head of Strength and Conditioning at Warrington Wolves and Strength and Conditioning Coach at England Rugby League.  

With its huge rise in success, cryotherapy is now being used throughout elite sports in the UK. As the demand for cryotherapy has grown we have also grown our offering to the market with our elite sports cryotherapy partner Cryoaction. As the leading cryotherapy chamber provider, they are providing clubs with the choice of not only having long-term rental units but also the option to have their own chamber installed at a set location. This alongside the mobile cryotherapy chambers allows cryotherapy to be readily available to anybody seeking to step into the future of recovery.