Cellar Safety Services

Designed to help licensees identify and assess potential asphyxiation risks, protect staff and provide a safe working environment

A collection of beer barrels in a pub cellar

The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 place a responsibility on licensees to identify and assess potential asphyxiation risks, to protect their staff and to provide a safe working environment in the cellar.

BOC Sureserve's Towards Compliance packages simplify risk assessment for you and offers two easy options:

Self-assessment pack

BOC Sureserve's self-assessment pack is a simple but effective tool which helps you check how safe your working environment is:

  • step by step guide to self-assessment
  • easy asphyxiation risk calculation
  • simple colour-coded risk indicator
  • assessment record for inspection by the Environmental Health Officer

Full cellar assessment

For added security and peace of mind, BOC Sureserve can carry out a more detailed risk assessment survey of your cellar. 

It is ideal for the busy landlord who prefers to save time and rely on expert assessment for complete assurance.

  • thorough assessment by BOC expert
  • asphyxiation risk calculated for you 
  • hazards identified 
  • recommendations made for risk reduction 
  • survey certificate 
  • assessment record for inspection by the Environmental Health Officer

Your protection is our priority

As the industry's experts, BOC Sureserve has a well-earned reputation in gas safety and has developed a range of safety solutions to help protect you and your staff from the dangers of working in confined spaces.

Protection against safety hazards

BOC's CELLAGUARD carbon monoxide detector CELLAGUARD - early warning of asphyxiation dangers 

Installing a Cellaguard carbon dioxide monitor and repeater alarm is the best form of protection for medium to high-risk cellars. The monitor constantly tests CO2 levels in your cellar. The repeater will give a visual and audible alarm if levels rise above safe limits, enabling you to hear and see the warning before you enter the cellar.

CELLAGUARD provides you with:

  • continuous CO2 monitoring
  • two pre-set alarm levels
  • infrared sensor for fast, specific response
  • fail-safe fault indicator 
  • single repeater unit included in package
  • located outside cellar entrance or in the bar area for ultimate protection 
  • clear, continuous audio and visual warning alarm

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