Inspection & Repair Services

The safety and longevity of gas equipment is undoubtedly improved through regular inspection and testing.

A speciality gas regulator on a cylinder of high purity gas

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) recommends that pressure regulators are refurbished or replaced with new at least every five years.

Depending on gas properties, the type of application and the frequency of use, this could be necessary more often; for example every 12 to 18 months for some particularly corrosive HCl systems.

BOC Inspection and Repair service

In response to the BCGA recommendations and the requests of many of our customers, BOC offers a comprehensive inspection and repair service for products supplied from the BOC Speciality Gases equipment range.

Our service covers both planned and unplanned maintenance and includes:

  • certified external inspection, pressure/performance testing
  • refurbish/repair-certified internal inspection, new active components, pressure/performance testing and 'same as new' warranty

Repairs are charged on a fixed-price basis which includes labour and specific, routinely changed components.

An additional charge will apply for the replacement of non-routine components.

Routine checks

While in service, we would recommend that regulators are routinely checked as follows:

Outboard leak

Apply leak detection fluid around pressurised joints. If any bubbles form, this indicates a leak. No attempt should be made to rectify leaks while the equipment is under pressure.

Seat leakage or creep

Under normal conditions the outlet pressure indicated by the outlet gauge should remain steady. If this pressure rises over a one to two minute period there may be seat leakage. This may be due to particulate contamination within the regulator nozzle.

Gauge performance

Needle movement around the dial should be smooth.

Annual inspection

We would recommend that regulators are removed from service and tested annually, as follows:

Outboard leak

Test, as above, at the maximum deliverable outlet pressure of the regulator. The outlet shut-off valve should also be tested for seat leakage.

Seat leakage or creep

Test, as above, for a minimum of one hour.

Further inspection and repair information

Never carry out repairs or modifications to BOC Speciality Gases equipment or change the gas service without express written permission.

If repairs or modifications are made without permission, BOC will not supply spare parts since repairs performed without the necessary tools, knowledge and facilities can result in unsafe equipment and the risk of failure. 

ALWAYS specify the gas service for which the equipment is intended and NEVER change the gas service without first consulting BOC Speciality Gases.

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