ACCU-CHILL Chilling & Cooling

Flexible cryogenic liquid food chilling innovations

The ACCU-CHILL family allow food producers to reduce batch food temperatures during mixing or blending, rapidly cooling hot consumable liquids such as sauces and soups. The ACCU-CHILL system helps you achieve excellent product quality by preserving the freshness, appearance and colour of your food products.  

Cryogenic cooling with liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2 is by far the quickest way of obtaining the optimal temperature and/or product crystallisation level for a broad range of food types and food products.  Faster in-process chilling with ACCU-CHILL also means faster production speed, which can either be used to increase production capacity or for higher processing efficiency. The latter leads to a decrease in hours worked to meet the same production capacity, reducing overtime and increasing overall profits.

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