CRYOLINE CW IQF & Tunnel Freezer

A unique multi-purpose freezer which combines the high-quality IQF freezing characteristics of the CRYOWAVE system with the high efficiency of the CRYOLINE® MT tunnel


To switch from the IQF mode for small, free-rolling items, such as shrimp, pizza toppings, fruit and prepared foods, to the standard tunnel mode for traditional products, such as patties and pizzas, takes just a few moments, making this a flexible and versatile freezer. 

In addition, the CRYOLINE® CW provides free-flowing product characteristics with a very high belt loading, saving space and giving lower running costs compared to conventional systems. The CRYOWAVE controllable vibration technology allows more rapid freeze of the product, sealing in moisture as it is conveyed through the freezing zone which retains weight and produces a higher yield and improves quality.

A batch of prawns going in to a CRYOLINE CW IQF Freezer
Prawns are ideally suited to individual quick freezing (IQF)

Typical products

  • Prawns or other IQF seafood
  • Small or diced product such as pizza toppings
  • Other IQF foods, i.e. peas, fruit etc.
  • Pizzas
  • Patties/ burgers

Process overview

The CRYOLINE CW freezer utilises two zones within a single freezer compartment. In the front zone of the freezer, it employs a mechanism that imparts a vibratory motion to the conveyor belt, creating a wave-like motion along the length of the conveyor. As the product passes through the front section of the freezer, the agitation dislodges the product from the surface of the belt and from surrounding products, while it is sprayed with cryogen. 

The combination of agitation and simultaneous injection of cryogen ensures rapid cooling of the product, forming an outer crust that locks in the moisture. Thus, the product yield and quality critical for value-added, IQF seafood and poultry products is maintained. The second zone acts as a standard tunnel freezer and completes the freezing process after the initial crust freeze. 

The CRYOLINE CW freezer can be operated as a standard tunnel freezer by disengaging the vibration motion in the front zone of the freezer.

Video: CRYOLINE CW IQF freezer in action

Features and benefits

  • Initial crust freezing maintains product yield for quality critical IQF foods
  • Food grade stainless steel construction
  • All internal components are stainless steel or polyethylene construction
  • CRYOLINE freezers are designed for hygiene and ease of cleaning, to minimise downtime
  • Easy to operate with touch panel screen storing recipe parameters for future use
  • The CRYOLINE CW can be operated as a standard tunnel freezer by disengaging the vibration motor in the front zone of the freezer
  • Can be operated with either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide

Standard features

The fully assembled and pre-tested freezer is delivered with the following features:

  • Multi-3 language touch-screen control panel
  • Retention time control
  • Variable speed exhaust fans to maximise efficient use of the refrigerant
  • Variable speed circulation fans with automatic defrost
  • Fully welded stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel mesh belt
  • Height adjustable feet

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