COROX Hotspot Boost

An oxy-fuel burner technology for end-port glass furnaces

Furnaces are built to last for more than 10 years. During that period, the throughput of a furnace could deteriorate due to a number of reasons. Glass manufacturers could also be faced with meeting increasing demand from customers. In all these cases, glass manufacturers cannot keep increasing the capacity of the furnaces as the need arises.

BOC offers a flexible solution to increase the throughput or maintain the capacity of a glass furnace without significant capital investments.

The COROX® Hotspot Boost is a horizontal oxy-fuel burner system for end-port furnaces to increase the temperature of the oxy-fuel flame and improve the amount of energy radiated to the glass bath.

This results in an increase in capacity of up to 10% for healthy furnaces. The technology also supports maintaining capacity for ailing furnaces and extending furnace life.

Typical Customer Profile

Glass customers operating end-port furnaces in need of additional glass capacity due to initial design restrictions and failing regenerators.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Production capacity increases of 10% on average for healthy furnaces
  • Retain lost capacity (likely >10%) for ailing furnaces
  • Prolong furnace life time
  • Better glass quality (higher packing rates)
  • Approximately 1-2% fuel savings
  • Higher margin on incremental capacity increase

COROX Hotspot Boost