Increasing burner efficiency by pre-mixing gases for glass fire polishing

Our unique HYDROPOX® pre-mixed technology using oxygen and hydrogen is the solution of choice for high-end applications where speed and efficiency are critical. HYDROPOX is ideal for glass producers looking for high-quality surfaces, a brilliant finish and high yields. It is extremely popular among specialty, cosmetic and optical glass manufacturers, but is also suited to technical glass where it is used to anneal microcracks in the surface of the glass.

Technologies based on hydrogen and oxygen have been shown to increase efficiency compared with natural gas and oxygen or propane and oxygen mixtures. Although hydrogen is the preferred fuel, we also offer a variety of solutions and mixtures to suit individual needs:

  • HYDROPOX using a hydrogen/oxygen mixture is ideal for fire polishing thin glasses (1-2mm wall) in just 2 to 3 seconds.
  • HYDROPOX-C using either a natural gas/oxygen mixture or a natural gas/hydrogen/oxygen mixture is recommended for fire polishing thicker glasses (2-5mm wall) in just 3 to 7 seconds.



  • Possibility of new glass products and shapes
  • Premium-quality and brilliant surface finish
  • Increased productivity due to quality gains
  • Highly automated production
  • All-in offering including mixing units, burners, accessories and process consulting

Typical Customer Profile

  • Glass producers in need of high glass quality and high yield
  • Specialty glass producers
  • Cosmetic and flacon producers
  • Optimcal glass
  • Highly automated production 

Key Customer Benefits

  • Very high quality surface of glass
  • Increased yield
  • Removal of microcracks
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Automated process