Rental or Deposit? Why your Business could Benefit from Renting Gas Cylinders

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Why your business could benefit from renting gas cylinders

Renting your gas cylinders from BOC offers you greater flexibility and can also be more cost effective. If you’ve never considered renting your gas cylinders before, here are five ways you could benefit:

1. It can accommodate your gas requirements and fit your busy schedule

With BOC, you can easily place an order online and rent different cylinder sizes and types of gas without having to put down a deposit on the cylinder. We offer a very broad range of products and you can even choose our lightweight GENIE® cylinders if portability is a priority for you.

Once you’ve selected your gas, you can click and collect from a Gas and Gear store near you, or opt to have your gas delivered. When you use our delivery service, our friendly driver will deliver your fully-tested gas cylinder to you and collect it when you’re finished with it, leaving you to get on with what matters most.

2. It can offer much better value for money

When using gas over a longer period, renting your cylinders could save you money. There’s zero up-front cost, as you don’t need to put a deposit down for the cylinders, easing your cash flow.

And you can forget about paying to dispose of used or unwanted cylinders, as you can just return them to us when you’re finished.

Also, some suppliers may distribute cylinders of lower pressures, but when you rent your cylinders from BOC you can be sure that the pressure is high and consistent. That means more gas and more value for your money.

3. You can rent as much or as little gas as you need

If the amount of gas you need changes regularly, renting could be your best option. And with BOC, this can be managed easily.

If you have regular high gas consumption, renting could work out cheaper for you. We’ll take care of your testing and maintenance, and you can replace cylinders as and when you need to using the BOC Online Shop.

If you only need gas occasionally, you won’t have to commit to putting down a deposit or storing cylinders you’re not using. And, if you don’t know how much gas you’ll need in the future, renting gives you greater flexibility. Instead of holding on to a cylinder that you don’t need, return your cylinder to us and you won’t pay rent for the remaining months.

If you handle gas for your customers, renting could work out better for both parties. You can rent as much or as little gas as your customers need and receive it quickly. That means you won’t need to pay upfront costs to meet unexpected requests.

4. You can rely on us as your supplier

BOC deliveries are fast and reliable. When you need cylinders quickly, you can depend on BOC to deliver them on time, often the next day.

We have a UK-wide delivery network, meaning we are able to support numerous businesses across the nation.

We’ll take care of the whole delivery, dropping off your new gas and collecting your used cylinders. If you’re ready to exchange your empty cylinders at the same time you receive a fresh delivery, we’ll combine the cost of delivery and collection, so you only pay one price for the two services. The more you rent from us, the more you can save by combining these costs.

5. You can always trust the safety and quality

When you rent with BOC, you can be sure that every gas cylinder you receive has been thoroughly tested by us to the highest industry standards.

Not only can this save you money on maintenance, it means you can always trust the quality and safety of your cylinders and protect your business.

To see the types of gas we have available to rent, visit the BOC website now.

Want to learn more?

We’ve put this video together to fully explain the benefits you receive when you choose BOC:

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